Soddo Christian Hospital is located in southern Ethiopia where there is limited health care available for a population of more than 20.77 million people.

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Ways to Give

Patient Benevolence Fund

A donation to the Benevolence Fund helps pay for the care of our poorest patients. Consider this:

  • $200 pays for most of the surgeries we do
  • $100 covers the cost of a typical medical admission
  • $400 would pay for a patient’s orthopedic care, including the surgery to repair a broken bone and the hospitalization associated with it

All of our patients pay something, but some of our patients can’t pay more than the initial $2.00 consult fee. Any amount you give will change a life.

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Women's and Children's Center

The Ethiopian Government granted to Soddo Christian Hospital the last remaining undeveloped parcel of land adjacent to our property. The medical staff leadership unanimously determined that the flagship project on the site will be a Women’s and Children’s Center. A multi-disciplinary team from Engineering Ministries International is helping us design the optimal tie-in of the new building on the new property with all the services on our current site. This is an exciting, community-changing project with long-term impact.

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Vehicle Replacement

You know how much you use your car? The hospital keeps two vans with two drivers busy 6 days a week. Most of the equipment, supplies and blood we need to help our patients cannot be sourced in Soddo. Our drivers make at least one trip each week to the capital of Addis Ababa – a 7-hour drive one way. Our 10-year-old vehicle is tired and spending more time in the shop. Your gift will keep our supply chain going by replacing this key asset.

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CT Scanner

SCH is planning to purchase a CT scanner to replace the one we’ve had in active use for 8 years. The average life of a CT scanner in the US is 8-12 years, but because of heavy use in our rough environment, our machine is considered to be in “end of life status.”
351 is the average number of CT scans we do each month. It is must-have technology for trauma, planning oncological surgeries, traumatic brain injuries, and complex pelvic fractures, to name a few. Medical resources are concentrated in our nation’s capital of Addis Ababa, but the imaging technology and overall excellence of Soddo Christian Hospital has made high-quality care accessible to millions of people in Southern Ethiopia.
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Patient Visits

We are connecting people in need with specifically trained  and properly licensed physicians. Everyday.

Do you need medical treatment?  Each patient that visits Soddo Christian Hospital is treated.  If you have a family member that you would like to refer to SCH, please email or call 630-235-7498.  We can accept payment in the US and on our website for a patient treated in Ethiopia!

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Support Soddo

St. Luke’s Health Care Foundation was created to fund Soddo Christian Hospital. 96% of all funds donated are used to purchase medical supplies and equipment, transferred to Ethiopia to help our patients, or for hospital construction.

We are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, ECFA, and abide by all of their audit and board supervision requirements.