Soddo Christian Hospital is located in southern Ethiopia where there is limited health care available for a population of more than 10 million people.

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Ways to Give

Fund a Patient

A donation to the Benevolence Fund helps pay for the care of our poorest patients. Consider this:

  • $200 pays for most of the surgeries we do
  • $100 covers the cost of a typical medical admission
  • $400 would pay for a patient’s orthopedic care, including the surgery to repair a broken bone and the hospitalization associated with it

All of our patients pay something, but some of our patients can’t pay more than the initial $2.00 consult fee. Any amount you give will change a life.

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Medical Residence Building

Soddo Christian Hospital is one of 9 training sites in Africa for the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons.  The physicians enrolled in this fully-accredited, five-year General Surgery residency live and work on our hospital campus. After graduation, they go on to serve at other rural hospitals, often where they are the only surgeon.

Demand for high-quality surgical training is increasing, and now Soddo Christian Hospital has been approved as a training site for Orthopedic Surgery. Every bedroom in our 7-unit apartment building is filled with a surgery resident. You can help us train more Christian surgeons for Africa by helping us build more on-campus housing. This is a critical need with a tremendous multiplying effect.

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Life-Giving Oxygen

If you work in a hospital in the West, you probably take oxygen for granted. In every room, in every operating theater, in every ER bay and ICU bed…there is oxygen.

Until now, our hospital has supplied oxygen to our patients by exchanging heavy cylinders that are delivered from the capital city 7 hours away. Thankfully, we are in the process of installing a centralized oxygen system, and we are nearly finished! A team of brazers from the United States will arrive in January to install pipe from the central oxygen supply to critical patient areas.

$50,000 is all that is needed to finish this long-awaited improvement to patient care. Please consider helping us complete it.

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Special Projects

We honor donor designations for special projects. Our current special projects are:

  • “WRAPS” project; click this link for more information
  • Funding prolapse surgeries at a cost of $350 each.  Our donors have funded 328 prolapse surgeries since becoming aware of the need.
  • Funding specialty residency education. We currently grant one scholarship per year to an SCH staff doctor who is seeking an advanced medical education degree.
  • Building a new Surgery Pavilion.  The construction of eight new operating rooms has begun, thanks to a grant from USAID. $264,000 is the balance of the budget needed to complete this building.
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Patient Visits

We are connecting people in need with specifically trained  and properly licensed physicians. Everyday.

Do you need medical treatment?  Each patient that visits Soddo Christian Hospital is treated.  If you have a family member that you would like to refer to SCH, please email or call 630-510-2222.  We can accept payment in the US and on our website for a patient treated in Ethiopia!

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Support Soddo

St. Luke’s Health Care Foundation was created to fund Soddo Christian Hospital. The Foundation has NO paid staff. 96% of all funds donated are used to purchase medical supplies and equipment, transferred to Ethiopia to help our patients, or for hospital construction.

We are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, ECFA, and abide by all of their audit and board supervision requirements.