Fund a Patient

The Benevolent Fund is the way we are able to help our poorest patients. Soddo Christian Hospital does not offer free care – we have chosen this model in order to build a sustainable healthcare facility that will last long into Ethiopia’s future.  However, we are always treating the poor – many of whom do not have the resources to pay for their own care.

By giving to the Benevolent Fund, your donation goes to pay for the care of these patients.  Consider this:

  • $360 would pay for most surgeries that we do here, including appendectomies and gall bladder surgery
  • Just $50 would pay for a medical admission for malaria or TB – common maladies in this part of the world
  • $400 would cover the surgery to repair a broken bone and the hospitalization associated with it

Any amount you choose to give is fine.  Patients are screened by a committee of nationals; and if eligible for aid, their bill is partially covered by the Benevolent Fund.  Thanks so much for helping us deliver care to Ethiopia!

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Educate a Future Doctor

Soddo Christian Hospital is one of 10 surgical training centers in Africa.  Residents enroll in our five-year surgical training program.  They live and work on our hospital compound with their families during these five years, being trained and discipled.

After graduation, they agree to serve at another less developed rural hospital for an additional five years.

Being training in Africa, skilled future surgeons are more likely to remain in Africa, avoiding the “brain drain” of doctors staying in Europe and North America after training there.

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Medical education incentive program for non-physician staff

Help us invest in our hospital workers and ancillary team to provide excellent medical care to our patients. A hospital is not just about doctors, but also about technicians, accountants, nurses, environmental control and laboratory staff etc. In order to invest in our hard working, dedicated staff, help us to sponsor them for further training as directed by hospital need and worker performance. The employee would have obligated service to bring their advanced level of training back to our hospital to improve our ancillary team and patient care services.
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For the GP residency sponsorship program

We currently employ 8-10 General Practitioners, who are right out of medical school. They are working to complete their government service at our hospital, in hopes of starting specialty residency training soon. They are unable to pursue further education without hospital based sponsorship. Please help us sponsor our GP’s for residency to invest in the future of young Ethiopian physicians. After completion of residency, they will have a obligation to use their new specialty skills to serve at our hospital, increase the quality of care for our patients and partner with our international staff in an intentional discipleship role to help advance the gospel in our hospital and throughout their career in Ethiopia.
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Special Projects

We honor donor designations for special projects.  In the past we have had special projects for:

  • Emergency room remodel budget: $110,000
  • purchasing “hips & knees” orthopedic prosthesis, $3500 for each life changing surgery
  • funding Prolapse surgeries.  The cost is $350 each.  To date since the project started, we have completed over 600 prolapse surgeries.
  • purchasing infant formula, to be used for newborn orphans
  • Leach field expansion.  It’s not glorious but the children of our missionaries use this site as their playground. budget $50,000 funding to date $0.00
  • USAID/ASHA 8 unit new resident dormitory, grant of $540,000 project budget $650,000
  • Electrical upgrades on our entire campus $15,000 current funding $0.00
  • Medical waste incinerator upgrade $10,000 current funding $0.00
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