Okay, so we’re not gonna ask you to jackhammer (unless you really want to).  But one question we do get a lot is: “I’m not a doctor.  Could I still be of any use at the hospital?”  So here are 12 things that you could do at the hospital if you are not, say, medically inclined…

1.  Plumbers & electricians:  We need all sorts of skilled labor done around the hospital.  We have septic systems, generators, and a myriad of other equipment that need tending to.

2. Leadership development:  Are you a manager or have experience coaching leaders?  Come and help us train our senior staff at the hospital.

3.  Teachers:  You can teach English at our hospital language school.  We also have about 15 missionary kids (MK’s) here in addition to our residents’ kids, and they would love a Vacation Bible School or some type of sports camp.  That means you too, coaches.

4. Organizers: Are you organized?  We have loads of equipment and materials that need to be inventoried/cataloged.  Come and get your type-A personality fix here!

5.  Office computer skills:  Are you good with Excel?  Want to host a workshop for our financial people?  What about Word or other clerical software?  We have a large administrative staff that you could train.

6.  Any IT/Networking People out there?  We recently began a network at the hospital, and are running a server and handful of workstations.  What’s next?  Come help us figure it out, and figure out ways to run our network better.

7.  Prayer partners.  Would you want to pray with some of our patients?  Maybe hold a child’s hand before they go into surgery?

8.  Babysitters:  Our missionaries need a break every once and a while.  Perhaps you could watch their kids, so they can go out for dinner.

9.  Artists:  Want to come and paint some cool murals on our hospital walls?  Or how about do some art with the patients or the MK’s?  Give us your ideas, and let’s do it.

10.  Chefs/restauranteurs/amateur cooks:  We cook everything here from scratch, so it’s a lot of work!  How about you come and help teach us and our staff how to prepare simple meals from scratch from our locally available ingredients?  Or just cook for us, and give us a break with your delicious home-cooked meals!

11.  Pastors/church leaders – Come and work with our chaplains and train/work alongside them!

12.  Anything you want to do!  – This place is ground-up work, and there are all kinds of tasks to do.  How has God gifted you?  Just ask us, and let’s figure out a way to use those gifts here!