Recently, we had the privilege to be visited by a joint specialist from the US.  Dr. Clint Barnett is an orthopedic surgeon at the Scott & White Medical Center in Temple, Texas.  He specializes in replacing worn out knees and hips in patients who have suffered from severe arthritis and debilitating pain.

Last week, he brought those skills to Ethiopia and Soddo Christian Hospital.  In just one week, he and Dr. Anderson and our OR crew knocked out 21 hip replacements!  Yes, that’s right.  Twenty-one!

21 patients who had been suffering for years with severe pain.

21 patients who could barely walk.

21 patients whose lives will never be the same.

We are so proud of our OR team as well.  These anesthetists, scrub nurses, porters, autoclave staff, and recovery room staff worked extra hours and on weekends to get the work done!  Near the end of the campaign, we had a couple of the patients come up to the front of our weekly chapel service to share how they were already feeling better.

At Soddo Christian Hospital, our desire is to provide excellent medical services and make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are thankful that God sends servants like Dr. Barnett our way, and pray that God will all the glory for the work that is done here in Soddo!