Look at all those onions!

These are three of our committed kitchen workers at SCH. Our hospital is unique in that we provide three meals a day to our patients (at other hospitals, the patients’ families have to bring the food), and this is a critical part of getting them healthy. In addition to providing great food, kitchen staff meet in two Bible St.udy groups weekly. They just completed a study on maturing in Christ. When asked how the study has impacted their lives, here were some of the answers:

“We used to get angry easily in the kitchen. Now we understand that this is wrong.”

“Before, I didn’t want to give to the poor. Now I have compassion. My heart is broken and I try to help them.”

“Now sometimes we will even cook food for the patients’ families too.”

One of the groups collected money for two poor patients in the hospital in order to help them pay for transportation costs home from the hospital. Praise God for how He is using these women, and how He is transforming their hearts!