Here are a few patient stories from the past week:

1.  A young woman was in a terrible car accident, and fractured both of her legs.  Oh, and she happened to be 8 months pregnant!  Fortunately, there was no sign of trauma to the baby who seemed to be fine.  We admitted the young lady to the hospital, and she had surgery on both of her legs.  Then, we kept her in the hospital in order to deliver her baby.  This past week, she gave birth to healthy baby boy!

2.  A young man was struck down by a car while walking on the road a few hundred kilometers south of here.  He was found unconscious with absolutely no way to identify him.  It was not known who his family or friends were.  Passers-by brought him to our hospital where he was admitted to the ICU with a diagnosis of severe head injury.  For over a week, he lay unconscious.  A CT scan of his brain showed no bleeding requiring surgery.  St.ill no family showed up, so photos were circulated around the village near where he was found.  This past week, his father came and the patient woke up.  He is improving every day.

3.  Several patients have been hospitalized with severe electrical shock injuries.  One was riding standing up in a back of a truck, when the truck went under a low hanging high voltage power line.  Another was working on a high voltage power line when he was electrocuted and thrown ten feet to the ground.  Both are improving.  Although they have severe burns, they will survive.

4.  Many patients are having prosthetic hip joints put in this week thanks to some new hardware from St.ryker.  We are hoping to do about 15 hip replacements over the next week.  Many of these patients have been suffering for many years with chronic hip problems, and this surgery will change their life!

We praise God for all the He is doing at Soddo Christian Hospital.  Thank you for your support and prayers.