At SCH, we care about the whole person.  Of course, we provide great medical care when patients come to the hospital.  But we are also looking for ways to improve health in the community.  In this case, women’s health!

Allison Karnes is the wife of our Ob-Gyn, and Ingeborg Roth is the wife of our Radiologist.  The two of them have teamed up to start a new ministry called “WRAPs”.  What are “WRAPs” you ask?  Well, I’ll let Allison tell you:

“Hi Friends! Inge and I want to welcome you and introduce you to a very special ministry that we have been working on while in Soddo, Ethiopia. WRAPs: Washable, Reusable, Affordable, Pads. We are empowering school girls to embrace their God-given femininity and learn proper hygiene by providing them with reusable sanitary pads. Most village girls in Ethiopia do not have funds or even access to purchase disposable pads, so therefore, often miss one week of school a month during their menstrual cycle. We are committed to using Ethiopian products as much as possible. Also, we are providing jobs for Ethiopian women as they learn to make our WRAPs. God has given us a dream and it’s a honor and joy to see girls tell us that “this product has changed my life!”

Inge teaching the girls to make the WRAPs
Inge teaching the girls to make the WRAPs

Watch this quick video to learn more about us and how you can help!

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