Take a look at these photos:

hospital tech

These are not things that you might be used to seeing in a mission hospital.  But the reality is that all hospitals, even mission hospitals, are getting on the technology bandwagon. We have a CT scanner that improves our diagnostics – allowing us to make more accurate diagnoses and provide better care.  We have a server room and a network that extends throughout the hospital campus.  That allows us to access internet and current treatment recommendations.  It gives us the ability to look at digital x-rays and CT images throughout the hospital.  And one day, it will allow for an electronic medical record to keep track of our patients.

The mission hospital of the 21st century is not what you thought!  We’ve got a lot of technology, and we’ve got to keep it all running.  If you are a network administrator, computer programmer, IT specialist – or if you know any – come and help us out!  We’d love to have you for a short term visit, or longer.  Contact us if you’re interested.