We want to introduce you to Jackson.  Jackson is nine years old, and lives in Oregon.  And he has a heart for Ethiopia.

Jackson with one of his creations.. the "Soddo Snake".
Jackson with one of his creations.. the “Soddo Snake”.

Jackson heard about our hospital serving the poor in southern Ethiopia, and wanted to contribute to the cause.  He knits these adorable multipurpose snakes which he then sells as a fundraiser for US!  In the words of Jackson’s mom Bethany on her blog, “The smaller snakes are perfect as toys or as special pets. The longer snakes can be wrapped around your neck like a scarf. Soddo Snakes enjoy being draped over your computer screen, placed in your bookshelf, or curled up and displayed in your home.”

A sampling of Jackson’s creations


We asked Jackson why he wanted to do this, and he replied, “I did it because I wanted to help the hospital in Soddo, Ethiopia. I read that they need help with food, and medicine and so I decided to make snakes and sell them for Soddo.”  Isn’t that great?  He reports that it takes him about 1-2 hours to make one, and the red yarn snakes are his favorite.

Jackson is giving every penny he earns from selling the snakes to the Benevolent Fund.  About this, he said, “I believe I will help at least one person to get what they need for a few days. One person is worth it because everyone should have what they need to live.”

Don’t you agree?  Way to go, Jackson!