Recently, we started running our brand new CT scanner. And it’s already making a huge impact in the way we care for patients.  We were also able to purchase an ambulance recently, and that too is making a difference.  Let us tell you about one such patient whose life was just saved because of these gifts to our hospital.

Yohannes was a victim of a car accident.  A terrible car accident that had fractured several of his ribs, and resulted in a punctured lung.  Even with supplemental oxygen and a chest tube, we were not able to keep up the oxygen level in his blood.  From the x-ray we suspected that he might have lung contusions – a severe bruise to the lung itself – that makes it impossible to breathe.  But it wasn’t completely clear.  Maybe something else was going on?  Our surgeons considered taking him to the operating room to open up his chest – a procedure called thoracotomy.  But because of our CT, we were able to scan his chest, and the result saved him a brutal surgery.  The CT in fact showed severe lung contusions – something that would not be helped with surgery.

So, now what to do with Yohannes?  We don’t yet have a mechanical ventilator (although we will soon thanks to more donations).  So, the only hope for him was to get him to Addis Ababa and a hospital with mechanical ventilation.  It was nearing dusk, and the helicopter from nearby Awassa was not able to airlift him there.  And so, our brand new ambulance made its maiden voyage to Addis with a patient.



We intubated the young man, and his oxygen levels improved immediately with the bagged air forced into his lungs.  One of our anesthetists rode in the back, squeezing the bag for six hours all the way to Addis!  He got to the hospital there in the middle of the night, and got placed on a ventilator.    I spoke with the ICU doctor at the accepting hospital today, and though he is critical, he has a fighting chance for survival now.  If he can be mechanically ventilated while his lungs recover, he just might make it!

This kind of care is only possibly because of our generous donors.  Our hearts are filled with gratitude for those of you who made it possible for us to get a CT scanner (which saved this young man a surgery) and an ambulance (which got him to an ICU that could care for him).

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